A good configuration of Microsoft Word (all versions have these dialogue boxes) is required to setup good language parameters.

These settings are available from the dialogue box of An Drouizig Difazier and from Microsoft Word directly. 

  • From the Windows menu Startup->An Drouizig->Dibaboù An Drouizig, according to your needs, please select the load parameters for the optional dictionaries (neology, hyphen, apostrophe, dialectal dictionary) : 


  • From Word, select the parametres of the Breton syntax checker :



    • Kemmadurioù = check Breton mutations
    • Yezhadur = check syntax
    • Pep tra = Kemmadurioù + Yezhadur
  • The following screenshots show the official integration of Breton in a Microsoft environment (here under Windows7 +Office 2013), once you have installed the C'HWERTY keyboard driver and the Breton spellchecker.