NeoOffice support on MacOSX

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NeoOffice support on MacOSX

Message par drouizig »

Hello Philippe,

I am writing in response to the comment you posted on my wordpress blog,, concerning using the Latin spell check on a Mac.

At the time that I wrote the blog, I was using NeoOffice 2.x, which allowed me to add your dictionaries with just a little tweaking. NeoOffice 3.x, based on OpenOffice 3.x, isn't as user friendly for the addition of dictionaries. As you may know, they must be added as .oxt extensions. I am now using 3.0.1, the most current version of the application.

I was not able to get the dict_lam file linked on your site to work with NeoOffice. It would install the dictionary using the oxt file, but when the language was set to Latin, the spell check was finding fault with every Latin word. I wasn't sure if there is a different language group I would need to add for this dictionary or if something wasn't working correctly.

The dict_la file linked would not load as an extension; so I created dict_la.oxt - actually took a while and required a program on the Mac to write the directories so that NeoOffice would accept them. NeoOffice wouldn't accept native Mac or Stuffit zip files renamed to oxt.

I have attached the .oxt file I created and used to this email. I used the dict_la files to create it, and used a slightly edited version of the dict_lam description.xml. I did this so that NeoOffice would not overwrite the dict_lam extension when loading dict_la.

After I loaded this extension to NeoOffice, I verified that it does work when checking Latin passages. I have attached a few screen shots for you. If you would like more, or have a specific idea of what you would like me to have in the shot, please let me know.

In my researching into the dictionaries for NeoOffice, I also found a Latin dictionary listed by OpenOffice here ... ct/dict-la.

I hope that this message is helpful to you. Your work with this spell checking, especially with MS Word, is useful beyond words.

Jay Barillaro