Lingsoft delivers 8 new spell checkers to Microsoft Corp.

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Lingsoft delivers 8 new spell checkers to Microsoft Corp.

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Lingsoft delivers eight new spell checkers to Microsoft Corp.

Turku, December 20th, 2007 - Lingsoft, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Microsoft Corp. to deliver spell checkers for eight new languages. The deliveries started in April and will be in progress till next year.

The new spell checkers cover six Central Asian languages and two small European languages. All these languages are official languages of their respective countries, and they are spoken by a total of more than 70 million people.

"We have been working with Lingsoft since the 1990's, and they have a long and distinguished track record in Proofing Tools for the Nordic Languages, German, and Kiswahili for Microsoft Office," said Jason Redford, Senior Program Manager of Microsoft Proofing Tools, Dublin. "Microsoft has launched a major program called Local Language Program, LLP. Within the LLP framework we incorporate spell checkers into Microsoft Office for a number of languages that have so far lacked these essential tools.We are happy that Lingsoft is working with us on the new LLP spell checkers, too."

"We are very delighted that Microsoft chose us to deliver these new spell checkers. This extends, once again, our technological and linguistic base, and deepens our co-operation with Microsoft," said Simo Vihjanen, Chief Development Officer of Lingsoft. "We are also very proud to produce the spell checkers for languages some of whose literary history goes back more than a thousand years."

What is the Microsoft® Local Language Program? It is a worldwide initiative dedicated to providing individuals access to desktop computer software in their native language. More information is available here.

Lingsoft, Inc.

Lingsoft is an international full-service language company. Lingsoft provides a comprehensive range of products and services related to spoken and written language. Lingsoft solutions are based on the company's sentence and word analysis technologies that have become the industry standard.

Lingsoft language solutions help your organization to succeed: everything from translations and glossaries all the way to proofing tools, text mining, training applications and speech-controlled services.

More information: Simo Vihjanen, Chief Development Officer, +358 2 279 3318, +358 44 290 1673