Frisian spellchecker developped by Polderland

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Frisian spellchecker developped by Polderland

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On the initiative of the provincial authorities of Fryslân, the Fryske Akademy and Polderland Language & Speech Technology have issued a new version of the Frisian spellchecker for Microsoft® Office®. The new spellchecker is a new updated version of the one developed by Polderland and FA in 1999.

The new edition is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 and higher

(XP, 2003) and Office 2000 and higher (XP, 2003).

The dictionary has been extended with ca. 72,000 word forms, mainly modern words like: agogysk, akryl or aktualiteiteprogramma.

Features have been added to enable a more extensive recognition of compound words. This provides a wider application of the spellchecker.

This development is the first step in a process to stimulate the use of Frisian in written form by developing new language proofing tools and providing these to the public.

November 25th the extended proofing tool, the ‘TaalHelp' will be for sale. 'The 'TaalHelp' provides the user with extensive information about the Frisian language, like meanings of words, alternatives for better language forms and preferred spelling.

Further steps in the future may involve compatibility with other platforms and operating systems, educational spellcheckers and a Frisian grammarchecker.

You can download the new spellchecker or order the cd-rom in the bookstore Boek-e-Flits (Algemeen/General). Price € 3,00.

Questions and remarks concerning the new spellchecker may be directed to us.