Breton Dictionaries

Several Breton dictionaries are available for free online. More or less specialized in the field of computing, they will allow you to find your way around in terms used in software interfaces. An Drouizig has listed them on this page.

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An Drouizig Translations

An Drouizig has its own search engine to find Breton translations of English (or French) terms related to IT.

Dictionnaires de breton - Geriadurioù brezhoneg - Breton dictionaries - Preder

Preder Dictionaries

Preder presents several online dictionaries, which have the particularity of being specialized in various fields of activity. Guy Etienne is the author of the dictionary on computing (Preder, 1995).

Dictionnaire Favereau - Geriadurioù - Dictionaries

Favereau Dictionary

Dictionary of Breton by Francis Favereau, professor emeritus of the European University of Brittany, Rennes II. It includes many Breton and French terms, with their phonetics, their origin and their use (terroirs, place names, surnames…). The words chosen are suitable for contemporary, school or family use.

Dictionnaires de breton

The French – Breton dictionary offers the translation of 22,302 French words accompanied by numerous translated sentences, grammatical information, dialectal forms, synonyms, etc. It also presents tools such as the search for postal codes and INSEE numbers.

Geriadurioù Troude - Dictionnaires Troude

Troude Dictionary

Amable-Emmanuel Troude was a Breton soldier and lexicographer born in Brest in 1803 and died in 1885 in Brest. The first edition of the Troude dictionary dates from 1843. It is based on the Léonard dialect but accepts variants from other dialects.

Dictionnaires de breton - Geriadurioù brezhoneg - Catholicon

The Catholicon

The Catholicon is both the first French dictionary and the first Breton dictionary. On the site below you can find a full digitized copy of the dictionary, as well as a downloadable PDF.

Freelang (by Tomaz)

The Freelang dictionary (for Windows or Android) allows you to browse the Breton-French and French-Breton lists. You can search for a word, add your own translations, edit or delete existing entries, and learn vocabulary from personal learning lists.

ALBB - Dictionnaires de breton

Linguistic Atlas of Low Brittany (ALBB)

The Linguistic Atlas of Lower Brittany is a linguistic atlas created by the linguist Pierre Le Roux. Its aim is to present the variations of Breton in the form of maps on the scale of Lower Brittany. The first version was published in 1927 following surveys carried out in 77 municipalities on the basis of 600 words or phrases. Fallen into the public domain, this first version is available free of charge. In 2001, the New Linguistic Atlas of Lower Brittany was published, the culmination of the collection work carried out by Jean le Dû in the 1990s. This work is not available online.

Dictionnaire de Coëtanlem

Coëtanlem Dictionary

The Coëtanlem dictionary was written between 1791 and 1820 by Pierre Joseph Jean de Coëtanlem. Entirely handwritten, it has 8334 pages in 8 volumes. It takes up an edition of the dictionary of Dom Louis Le Pelletier, supplemented by additions and remarks written in French. There are also many literary and historical references, as well as observations on the daily life of the country, such as food, work, the use of language. Lost then found, it was digitized by the CRBC (Breton and Celtic Research Center).

Geriadurioù an teknikoù

Dictionary of techniques and sciences (Brezhoneg21) presents the dictionary of sciences and techniques drawn up by the exact sciences section of Kreizenn Ar geriaouiñ. The starting point for the dictionary was all the scientific glossaries published over the past years: mathematics (1989, 1992, 1995), physical sciences (1989, 1994), natural sciences (1989, 1991, 1995), computer science ( 1991). The dictionary can be used in both French-Breton and Breton-French directions. To date, it includes more than 35,000 terms and approximately 10,000 examples of use of the terms selected.

Logo projet Apertium

Apertium Project

Apertium is a machine translation software based on dictionaries and transfer rules initially developed by the University of Alicante. The project was born within the Department of Computer Languages and Systems of the University of Alicante. It was originally intended to allow the translation of closely related language pairs such as the languages spoken in Spain, as part of the Opentrad project (Free Machine Translation Software for Spanish State Languages) launched in 2004–2005. Over the years, it has opened up to other language pairs.

Other Breton dictionaries

Other Breton dictionaries and Breton grammars are available from the following sites: