Video games in breton

A large number of translations of video games into Breton produced by An Drouizig are available for download. Here is a list of translations.

Traduction de jeux vidéo en breton - Supertux - C'hoarioù video e brezhoneg


SuperTux is an open source game inspired by the first installment of Super Mario Bros. The title is available for free on Linux, MacOS and Windows operating systems. It is a 2D platform game in which you have to complete levels by collecting coins to get the highest score.

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Traduction de jeux vidéo en breton - Supertuxkart - C'hoarioù video e brezhoneg


SuperTuxKart (STK) is a 3D kart racing video game. It is a free video game under the GNU GPL 2 license. Cross-platform, it works under GNU/Linux, Mac OS, Windows, BSD, Solaris, Haiku Android and iOS. It has different game modes: normal race, time trial, follow the leader, battle, football, egg hunt and race against a recording.

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Traductions - Flipon - C'hoarioù video e brezhoneg


Flipon is an arcade puzzle game similar to Tetris Attack in which the player must line up flipoblocks and solve puzzles. It was developed and edited by Damien Mayance, from the Rennes studio Pixelnest Studio. It is available on Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, Switch, Android and iPhone/iPad.

Traductions - Steredenn Logo - C'hoarioù video e brezhoneg


Steredenn is a shoot’em up and rogue-like video game released in 2015. In a retro atmosphere, the player chains fights against salvoes of enemy ships and has access to a vast arsenal of weapons to optimize his battles. It was developed by the Rennes studio Pixelnest Studio. It is available on Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux, Playsation 4, Xbox One, Switch and iPhone/iPad.