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An Drouizig is an association created in 2003 in Gwened to promote the breton in the digital area and to translate digital tools in breton.

On this website you can find our principal works and softwares to download. You can also find specialized lexicons and tools and resources like e-books.


Tools and Resources



Here you can follow the association’s news about its activity and the development of its softwares !

Titivillus options

Titivillus v1.2.1

Titivillus v1.2.1 Titivillus adds spellchecking for Latin and Ancient Greek to Microsoft Word on Microsoft Windows. It not only flags possible mistakes, but also gives…

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Discover the articles, interviews etc. published about our work.

Digital Tools - Ostilhoù niverel - Outils numériques
An Drouizig - Histoire de l'asso - Digital Tools - Outils numériques - Ostilhoù niverel

About us

An Drouizig were created in 2003 in Gwened in order to develop digital tools in breton. Discover its story here.

Verb conjugator

An Drouizig is creating Displeger Verboù Brezhoneg (DVB), a software to conjugate breton verbs. There already are 13 000 verbs and more in it, 100 conjugated forms and  its dialect versions. You can also find grammar lessons.

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Other associations are working on the development of digital tools in other minority languages.