An Drouizig develops a spelling and syntactic checker for Breton as well as spellcheckers for other so-called “poorly endowed” languages in the digital domain.

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An Drouizig Difazier

This Breton spelling and syntax checker respects unified spelling, while taking into account lexical forms from Breton neology and dialect vocabulary. An Drouizig published its first version in 2007 and has continued to enrich it since.

Correcteur Hunspell de breton - Hunspell - Difazier Hunspell - Difazierioù / Spellcheckers


An Drouizig’s Difazier, developed for Microsoft Office, was partially converted to Hunspell format by Philippe. Different applications can use this format, including OpenOffice.org and Mozilla applications (Firefox and Thunderbird).

Correcteur occitan - Difazierioù - Dafazier okitaneg

Spellchecker for occitan

Since the start of the 2013 school year, the An Drouizig team has been working together with the panOccitan.org team to produce an Occitan spell checker compatible with Microsoft Office. The heart of the corrector is the fruit of the work of Marc Lavaud. The linguistic part comes from the work of the Occitan linguist Hervé Cassignac. You can find more spellcheckers for occitan on locongres.org.
Correcteur de latin - Titivillus - Difazierioù

Spellchecker for latin

COL (Spell Checker for Latin) is a free tool offering help in checking the spelling of a Latin text. It includes a dictionary of approximately 400,000 Latin forms (classical and medieval Latin). It is available for Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice.org and AbiWord.

All our software complies with the latest programming and development standards and includes a complete installation and uninstallation procedure.

Our software is also compatible with Microsoft Windows, from XP to Windows 10. They have been instrumented using IBM Rational Purify, a dynamic software analysis tool for the development of Microsoft Windows applications.

In addition, the software created by An Drouizig is digitally signed by the Comodo certification authority, which issues its certificates to professionals in the software industry, publishers, distributors… on condition of good reputation.

News and updates

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