Resources about Breton

This page presents a selection made by An Drouizig about Breton language, more particularly in the digital domain.

Ressources sur la langue bretonne - Lexiques de breton par An Drouizig

An Drouizig's lexicons

Enriched by its experience in the translation of digital tools, the An Drouizig association has written several French-Breton lexicons. They will help you familiarize yourself with computer vocabulary. You can view them online or download them in PDF.
Lexiques sur la langue bretonne

Lexicons about computer science and science

An Drouizig provides you with additional lexicons relating to various fields, from computing to astronomy, as well as some articles on the formation of Breton words relating to computing.

Logo HAL - Etudes sur l'informatique et le breton - Studies - Studiadennoù

Studies about Breton and IT

An Drouizig provides you with studies on IT, the languages of Brittany, and a list of resources on Breton culture.

Ressources sur la langue bretonne - Histoire du breton - About breton - Dafar - History of Breton

Story of Breton

On this page you will find a summary of the history of Breton and its spelling by Turiaw ar Menteg.