Softwares translated by others

Here is a list of software translated by people or associations other than An Drouizig. These software and applications belong to various fields.

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Interactive map is an application that references companies that use or support Breton. It was developed by the Mignoned ar brezhoneg association, is free and already has more than 100 shops.

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Kwiz Brezhoneg


Kwizh Brezhoneg is an educational game allowing you to memorize a lexicon of more than 2600 words of the Breton language. It was developed by Morgan Gilet.

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This game is based on Wordle game. The goal is to find the word of the day in six tries. Each essay must be an existing Breton word. This game was developed by Brezhonadur.

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Wikipedia is a multilingual encyclopedia written by Internet users, created in January 2001. The application is also translated in Breton and offers various features such as offline mode or night mode.

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SwiftKey is a virtual keyboard available on Android, iOS and Windows. It uses artificial intelligence technologies to predict the next word the user intends to type. SwiftKey is available in over three hundred languages on Android and over one hundred on iOS, including Breton and Gallo. On Android, a maximum of five languages can be used simultaneously, and for iOS only two.

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OsmAnd is a mapping and navigation application on Android and iOS. It is available in free and paid versions. The Android version is free. They can be stored locally and the application can work offline. The app is not available in breton but the maps use OpenStreetMap, and you can set the map language to breton.

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Word Tango


Word Tango is a word of letters designed for learning new languages and vocabulary. It has 38 languages available, including Breton. In Word Tango, you are presented with incomplete words: some letters are missing. The goal is to drop the missing letters into the empty spaces and form the correct words. You can use a hint when you get stuck. During the game, you can earn extra coins by completing chapters and missions.

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BombParty is a free game that allows you to exercise your vocabulary and your speed at the same time. In turn, each player must find a word containing the given series of letters before the time runs out and the bomb explodes. The last participant standing wins the game. It is possible to play it with several people on the official site of the game by creating a private room.

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Kej-mesk is a word search game in Breton. The principle consists in forming a given number of words in the Breton language. The number of words to find changes each time and the words must necessarily contain three to eight letters. A dictionary integrated into the game makes it possible to check the use of the words formed. It was developed by Kristen Tonnelle.

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FreeCol is a free and open source version of the game Colonization. The game takes place in 1492 during the colonization of America. The goal is to develop an entire colony with a few settlers and gain independence. It is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Minecraft is one of the most famous games in the creative/exploration genre. Thanks to its easy-to-understand gameplay and its almost infinite possibilities, it has established itself as a must-have in video games. Accessible in both solo and multiplayer, it has one of the most dedicated communities in video games, which offers content on a very regular basis thanks to mods (Minecraft Forge). The concept of the game: behind each cube in the game hides a resource that can be used to create structures (buildings, walls, houses), traps or weapons. Each player can thus shape the universe which surrounds him in the way he wishes, simply by recycling the elements already present around him.



Hyperun is an extremely fast-paced arcade racing game with stunts and score. This is the fastest game in the world. Hyperun is inspired by 90s classics such as F-Zero, Akira, Tron and Tony Hawk’s. It was released in 2017 and is available on Windows.